This post card mailed in 1914 highlights the old bridge at Sutton. The bridge was built in 1846. One of
the Byrne family was the contractor for the south side abutment, hidden here at the right.
(Al Byrne Collection)
(Photos - Lars Byrne)
(Lars Byrne Collection)
John D. Sutton settled on the land [Sutton, or Newville] about the
year 1810, Andrew Skidmore about the year 1812; then followed by
his son, Benjamin, and perhaps other members of his family . . . The
record does not show that there were any lots laid off or sold prior
to the formation of the county in 1836. . . There was a road leading
from the settlements of Harrison and what is now Lewis County,
coming by Bulltown, Salt Lick following in part the Buffalo path
which led from the saline springs of Salt Lick to those on the island
at the mouth of Granny's Creek. In a very early day, there was
another road or path leading to Newville from Union Mills, also
down the Elk to a settlement near the mouth of Otter and
Frametown on the Elk, but at what date the village received the
name of Newville we have no record, but that the village was
settled by a sturdy, industrious citizenship, there is no question.
                            -- Sutton's History of Braxton County and Central West Virginia
Some scenes around Sutton taken
in March of 2007.