2007 Byrne Family Reunion West Virginia

The reunion schedule is as follows:

Friday, June 8th-Car Caravan Tour of Central West Virginia

8:45 AM- Meet in Parking lot of Days Inn, Elkins

10:00 AM-Arrive at Burnsville, WV

Those wanting to stay closer to Burnsville may make own arrangements to stay Thursday evening at Sutton
Days Inn,  2000 Sutton Lane, Sutton (Flatwoods), WV, (304) 765-5055.
Camping Sites also available At Bulltown Historical Area www.lrh.usace.army.mil/projects/lakes/bus

Burnsville-Settled by Peyton Byrne and family in 1794?, 1808?, 1822? Peyton and wife Barbara Linn were
married in 1790 and migrated to Preston County, Virginia (WV) in 1794 and then in 1794 to the Little
Kanawha River opposite Oil Creek on the Dennison Farm in Braxton County, Virginia (WV). On March 1,
1797 he was the executor of his father, Samuel B. Byrne’s estate. Then in 1798 he settled at the mouth of
Salt Lick Creek, Little Kanawha River on a 400 acre farm in Lewis County, Virginia, (WV). When he died
on May 11, 1824 he was the Sheriff of Lewis County. We will visit the present day site at the mouth of Oil
Creek and later in the day travel by Salt Lick in route to Bulltown. A historical note: Much of the Lewis
County area listed in early historical excerpts would become part of Braxton County when formed in 1836.

Sutton- County Seat of Braxton County. Lars is coordinating the plan with Jim Byrne of Charleston, WV.  
Jim grew up in Sutton where many Byrnes settled after coming from Virginia. Several of the Byrne family
would serve as county officials in the early history of the county. Several would serve as editors of local
newspapers for many years and establish a printer and newspaper tradition for Jim and Lars’ branch of the
Byrne family, but the Byrnes would leave Sutton by the mid-1950s.

Charles Patrick Byrne, Peyton Buckner Byrne’s younger brother lived and died in Kingwood, WV. He and
his son John Peyton built the log cabin which was known as the white house in Kingwood, Virginia after
1800. In 1818 he was elected to the office of County Clerk of the newly formed Preston County, Virginia
(WV). He is buried in Kingwood (Maplewood Cemetery). Charles’ wife Charlotte Ashby is also buried in
Maplewood Cemetery.

Peyton Buckner Byrne’s brother John Brown Byrne lived and died in Bulltown, Braxton County, Virginia,
(WV). John Brown’s son John Peyton and John Peyton’s son John were both Sheriff of Braxton County and
are buried in Sutton. John is the great grandfather of Lars Byrne.

12 Noon

Bee Run Picnic- A picnic lunch will be held at Bee Run impoundment area of Sutton Dam. There is a large
playground for children. This will enable the younger families to get to know each other as well as all to have
a casual time to talk. Lars and Bob Byrne’s newspaper, The Barbour Democrat, will sponsor the picnic.

1:30 PM

Sterrett Cemetery- A few miles from Bee Run is the Sterrett Cemetery (1840-1959) where most of the
Byrne family from the area has been buried. This and other cemeteries were relocated when the Sutton
Dam project was begun by the State of West Virginia.

Bulltown- Farms near and around Bulltown served several members of the Byrne family. John Brown Byrne
and his wife Ann Haymond lived and raised all 11 of their children in Bulltown.  William Eston Randolph
Byrne who wrote the book Tale of the Elk was the grandson of John Brown Byrne. Today the area is part of
the Corps of Engineers Burnsville Lake Historical Area.  Relocated log buildings have been added to the
Cunningham Farm to serve as historical re-creation of life in the mid-1850s. This is also the site of the
October 1863 battle during the Civil War and has a small museum. We will have a guided tour by well-
known West Virginian historian and Civil War re-enactor Ken Connell who is a friend of Lars. Ken may let
us fire Civil War rifles while we’re here.

Country Roads- We will travel over rural West Virginia roads as we head back towards Elkins. Not far from
Buckhannon is the State Wildlife Center
www.wvdnr.gov/wildlife/wildlifecenter.shtm . Those with children
have the opportunity to stop here and visit (small admission charge) the animal reserve. The rest will
continue to Philippi and its famous two-lane covered bridge.

Philippi- We are only a half hour from Elkins Days Inn. Lars will show us the 1852 Philippi Covered Bridge
which is the only remaining two barreled covered bridge serving a U.S. highway. We will also stop at the
local museum to see the famous mummies. Philippi (Lars’ hometown) is the scene of the first “inland” battle
of the Civil War and an 1861 overview of the early campaign will be presented at Blue & Gray Park.
www.philippi.org  or wwwww.virginiawind.com/virginia travel/philippi.aspr
www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle of Philippi_Races  

Elkins- Those who haven’t registered at Days Inn  (Elkins, WV Days Inn, 1200 Harrison Ave., (304) 637-
www.elkinsdaysinn.com or
or other facility will be able to do so. Informal gathering of the Byrne Clan is all that is set for Friday night at
Days Inn. Restaurants (regular and fast food) and movies are not far away if you wish to venture from the

Saturday, June 9th-Train Ride Into The West Virginia Mountains

8:00 AM to 10:15 AM

Breakfast-An informal gathering at the Days Inn buffet and a short meeting will follow.

11:00 AM to 3:30 PM

New Tygart Flyer- We will board the train at 11:00 AM. The New Tygart Flyer is located at the former
Western Maryland Railway Depot downtown and travel in railcars reserved for the Byrne Family Reunion.
There will be a cold cut buffet included with the price of the ticket. The train is a 1950s era streamlined
diesel passenger excursion train that will take us up the Shavers Fork of the Cheat River to a place called
High Falls of the Cheat River. After a 45 minute stop the train will return. Cost will be $30 for adults and $20
for kids (no cost for babes in arms). Tickets can be purchased from Lars or Buck at the Reunion
Headquarters room. This should be a great opportunity to view the scenic beauty of the Monongahela
National Forest and get to know the Family. We will return to Elkins approximately 3:15 PM.

5:30 p.m.

Dinner-We meet at 5 p.m. in the downstairs conference room for an informal gathering , followed by dinner
at 5:30 p.m. and proceed into our Family Meeting after eating. The cost for buffet dinner at the Elkins Days
Inn will be $15 per person. The menu will be CHOICE of Baked Italian Chicken OR Beef Stroganoff -- with
Roasted Red Potatoes, Green Beans, Tossed Salad, Fresh Bread, Chocolate Mousse for dessert plus
Tea and Coffee. The cost includes dinner and tip. It also includes the fees for the Conference Room we will
be using Saturday morning and evening. We will decide Saturday night on any special Sunday tours or
activities.Tickets for the meal can be purchased from Lars or Buck at the Reunion Headquarters room.

American Mountain Theater-In the town square  by the train depot the American Mountain Theater will
present its popular music show.  This is a “Branson” type show which will be held in a new auditorium
(hopefully) in the town square. There is an admission charge.

Sunday, June 10th - Visit West Virginia

8:00 AM to 10:30 AM

Breakfast-An informal gathering for breakfast

After our informal breakfast gathering the Allegheny Highlands are open for your individual family trips. The
list of destinations is endless but below are a few for your pleasure;

If you are interested Lars will take you on a special Civil War tour of nearby 1861 battle sites;
Rich Mountain
www.richmountain.org ,
the town of Beverly
Cheat Mountain Fort  (WV Civil War Discovery Trail) www.wvtourism.com/spec.aspx?pgid=67

Or maybe a special railroad tour, if there is enough interest.