Ken Connell, well known
Civil War historican and
avid re-enactor, will be the
tour guide for the Byrne
Family Reunion at Bulltown.
His re-enactment unit, Co. A
2nd Virginia Infantry,
maintains the exhibits at
the interpretive center at
Bulltown Historical Area of
Burnsville Lake.
Cpt. Connell gets hit in battle at a re-encactment held near
the historic Philippi Covered Bridge during that town's
Blue and Gray Reunion.
Lars Byrne is dressed as a
company officer in the
7th Indiana Infantry
Three-Months Volunteers
for re-enactment activities
at Philippi in 1990.
At the right, 2Lt. Byrne
(25th Virginia Inf.) and
Cpt. Connell are company
officers at Carnifax Ferry  
in September 1991,
The Confederate army
re-enacted often uses the
former Bulltown tannery site
(now the location of the
relocated cabins) for its
staging area for activities at
the Bulltown Historic Area.
This area was once part of
the land owned by John B.

Below, we won't have to fight
our way into the lower
breastworks at Bulltown.
These scenes are from a Bulltown
re-enactment in the early 1990's.
Today, the re-enactment is one of
the larger Civil War reenactments in
West Virginia. It is held every other
year (odd years) over the Columbus
Day Weekend in October.
The battle was fought here in the fall
of 1863. The old Weston-Gauley
Bridge Pike goes by the Cunningham
farm as it heads to the covered
bridge over the Little Kanawha River
at Bulltown.
Confederate troops form-up
at a 1997 Re-Enactment,
above, while two cavalry
officers go by the common
grave of Confederate
soldiers from the 1863 battle.
Below, a 12-lb. Napoleon at
right is a bit more firepower
than the original Southern
artillery had. At the left is a
Mountain Howitzer, the type
used by Confederates at
Bulltown battle.
A Union Army camp, above,
from the 1997 re-enactment
is located at the site of
Federal breastworks and
blockhouse that overlooked
the turnpike and river
crossing. At the left,
Confederate officers take a
break after taking the camp
during a tactical held during
the '97 weekend. Show, L-R,
are Cpt. Lars Byrne, 25 Va.
Inf.; Cpt. Ken Connell, 2nd
Va. Inf. and Cpt. Tim Boggs,
26 Va. Inf. Bn.
Virginia troops attack the Federal position during the 1997 re-enactment of the Battle of Bulltown