May 1, 2007

Dear Buck, Margaret, and Lars

I have attached the photos of John Peyton Byrne and his wife Mary Ray Byrne, who are my great-great-
great grandparents. I think I have shared some of the following with you, so forgive me if this is a "rerun."
I have bold-faced those in my direct line.

The geneological info I have is that
George Byrne came from Ireland in the first half of the 18th century
to Prince William County, Va. He was a land holder and surveyor. He belonged to family that had
property and lands in County Kildare and also in Dublin, Ireland. He was granted land in Virginia in 1740.
Records prove he was in Virginia in 1744. He died circa 1754. His wife's name was Lydia.
George and Lydia had three children: Elizabeth, Margaret, and Samuel.
Samuel married Clary Buckner.
Like his father, he was a land owner and surveyor. He and Clary had seven children:
Charles, Peyton,
Thomas, John, Sarah, Millie, and Elizabeth. Samuel died in 1793.

Charles Byrne (1775-1843) married Charlotte Ash (1776-1839) of Farquier County, Va., in 1797. He was
clerk of Preston County, W.Va., from 1818 to 1843. He died in Kingwood, W.Va. He had nine children:
John Peyton Byrne, Samuel, Charles, Thomas, Betsy, Julia, Nancy, Sallie, and Maria.
John Peyton Byrne married Mary Ray in 1839. (I have both his top hat and vest that he wore that day!)
He, like his father, became clerk of court for Preston County, W.Va. He was four days late for his
wedding because of flooded rivers between Kingwood and Wheeling. Their children were Charles,
Charlotte, and Julie.

Mary Bryne married David Morris. They had two daughters, Adeline and
Lillian. Lillian married Benjamin
Sincell, and they were my great-grandparents.

So, for most of you, my GGG-Grandfather John Peyton Byrne would by your GGG??-Uncle J.P. Byrne.
That, of course, makes us cousins, probably third or fourth cousins (at least), but nonetheless cousins.
Evidently, the John P. Byrne who fought in the Civil War and whose remains were discovered a couple
years ago was a nephew of my GGG-Grandfather John P. Byrne.

My best to all of you!
Don Sincell
Donald Sincell is the editor of the Oakland (Maryland) Republican newspaper
[] and has these portraits of John Peyton Byrne (1812-1862), son of
Charles Patrick Byrne and Mary Ash Byrne; and
Mary Ray Byrne (1818-1908), daughter of Patrick  Ray
and Mary Day Ray. He recently sent us picture copies of the portraits.

Don plans to be with us Friday, June 8, on the Central West Virginia car caravan
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