We'll start our car caravan tour at the "commuter" parking
area on Saltlick Road (Rt 5)  just off the I-79 southbound
ramp at Burnsville. Look for the white State Historical
Marker. If you crossed a railroad track, you have gone too
far. We'll assemble there before starting our trek.

From the parking area we'll head off on Rt. 5 as if headed to
Glenville. Not far after crossing what used to be the Coal &
Coke Railway line to Charleston we'll loop around Burnsville
and come into town on the old road.

The tour will cross Oil Creek. The mouth of the creek into
the Little Kanawha River is to the right (behind the Interstate
sign shown below).

Before going to the church parking lot on what was probably
the Peyton Byrne tract, we'll go through the older part of
town and take a quick look at the Burnsville Dam. Then we'll
double back to the Peyton Byrne property.
Peyton Byrne settled along the Little Kanawha River across from the mouth of Oil Creek. That area
today is flood plain . We'll park near the church here and take a quick look around. The town's
settling ponds are nearby as is the helper station and junction point for the Appalachian & Ohio
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Burnsville, West Virginia
Burnsville Dam, above, and Burnsville Lake in early spring